Paul Ryan
 Licensing Manager

Lo-Tech Constructs was Broke Piggy's first production toy. As project manager, I worked with Mana Studios to produce these 2" resin collectibles in brushed metal, neon red and glow in the dark editions. Designs by Scott Tolleson, Jeremy Madl and Lee Gajda debuted at Designer Con 2015.

Broke Piggy collaborated with Kidrobot to produce numerous art shows where we used emerging independent artists to promote their popular Dunny toy platform. Artists we've worked with include Luke Chueh, Jermaine Rogers, Junko Mizuno, Jeremiah Ketner, Camilla d'Errico, Candie Bolton, Mark Nagata, UAMOU, James Groman and more.

Hong Kong artist Kenneth Tang's detailed sofubi monster toys were selling out overseas, making them difficult to find for US customers. I negotiated Broke Piggy's exclusive Pineapple Monster toy release, Tang's first US release. Bringing the designs of artists around the world to the American market was a large part of Broke Piggy's business.